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May 17, 2010

I snagged this site about a year ago, and as you can tell I’ve done absolutely nothing with it. And I’m really not sure what I want it to be. My original blog documented my general life and my TTC journey, well, at least the last 3 hellish/wonderful years of it. It’s still limping along, but has lost direction too. As you might have guessed from my header I was finally successful, but this success was a double edged sword.
While I was bursting with joy and pride and all sorts of hormones, I also realized that many of my readers were still in the trenches and didn’t necessarily care that V blew her first snot bubble. Following that thought I also realized that I didn’t want to become ‘that’ person. Yes my child did all sorts of things for her first time. But was it the first time any child on the face of the earth had ever done it? No. Was it the best job any kid had ever done? Probably not, just any kid I’ve been around.

So I managed to talk myself out of a voice. After 2.5 years I’m hoping to find it again. I’m also hoping to knit, play hockey and ride a motorcycle again, but well, baby steps.

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