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Now where did I put those sneakers?

June 4, 2010

I’ve admitted it once, so I might as well repeat the mistake here. I’m going to get back into running. I no longer have an excuse reason to put my life on hold, and other than the slight inconvenience of being grounded (yes I still curse hubby for working evenings) it should be returning to normal. And let’s face it, V is 2.5. I really can’t use the ‘I just had a baby’ excuse any more.

Clearly though, something in my teeny, tiny excuse for a brain has snapped, because I some how blurted out (to a marathoner no less!) that I was planning on moving from 5k runs to 10k ones. Seriously. What the hell. I haven’t run since ’06. I don’t know if I figured I’d lose the extra 30lbs that much faster or what, but holy hell 10k. It might take me a day to do that, and I don’t think that qualifies as running at that point.

I did however show some semblance of sense, as I also appear to have determined that I’ll be running in fall and winter races, screw this summer running insanity. Unless I feel some compulsion to have my eyes pop out of my slick, tomato face, I’ll stick to running in the A/C for now and hit the streets when I don’t run the risk of spontaneously combusting, yes, even with all that sweat.

Of course, I’ll first have to get over my completely rational fear that I’m going to slip on the treadmill, knock myself out, and get trapped between it and the wall while it peels away first my skin, then the muscle, and then starts working on my bones…

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