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I still out-weigh them (combined)

June 11, 2010

I clearly didn’t learn the lesson from this post because two days ago I volunteered (where did that come from?) to mind A and L while Willy and Kris played game one of their baseball tourney.

From dinner to bedtime.

A three, two and one year old.

Who do nothing but get hyped up when they see each other.

vs. me.

But an absolute awesome thing happened. They entertained each other. They had the cutest little conversations. Both L and V have recently fallen and skinned their knees, and in a total Lethal Weapon takeoff, they started comparing ouchies.

V also managed to burn two of her fingers on the toaster oven the other day. Stella and Willy have taken the opportunity on a couple of occasions now to use this as an example of the badness that will happen from a) not listening and b) touching something hot. But I nearly peed a little when L asked V if the toaster toasted her fingers and they all cracked up. I’m not sure the lessons have stuck.

Here they are arguing about whether doctors get checkups. L firmly believes that doctors don’t need them. V just wanted to stick him with the ‘needle’.

Here is A with her ‘trakker’:

L was disgusted that I would believe it was hers. He had to immediately come over and ensure that I knew it was his, he was just letting his baby sister use it.

The only ear-splitting moment came when V drank L’s milk from dinner, after dinner. You know he was totally saving that abandoned milk. They sorted it out themselves though and I’m fairly sure there wasn’t a single punch thrown.

I’ll never admit this to Stella, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. They were a hoot.

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