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Photo posts are just easier

June 15, 2010

Saturday we headed up to a cottage that my sister-in-law is considering buying. It is currently owned by a friend of her’s and said friend lives in Newfoundland now. Not a trip you want to make on a regular basis, hence the impending sale. In the meantime, regardless of ownership, we’ll be using it for a week this summer, as the drama surrounding my family cottage is a therapy session post on its own. The place is beautiful. Close to town, on a quite inlet and best of all – dog-friendly.

V loved it. It is not easy to photograph this child in full sun. She is so pale and her hair is this fuzzy blond halo, it’ll actually burn a hole in your retinas if you stare too long. The zinc oxide in her sunblock and the neon yellow bathing suit didn’t help:

*yes there was an adult right beside her (just out of frame), no we don’t let her wander around the lakeside by herself.

V and the dogs loved it:

B loved it. He’s just camera shy.  (Those are his legs on the deck up there.) I loved it. It gave me a chance to play around with my telephoto and macro lenses:


I spent a fun couple of minutes chasing some dragonflies down by the water. They were completely toying with me. They would stay still just long enough for me to get them in focus and then zip away again. Turns out this guy was much better at catching them than I was:

Look closely:

Not sure that I’m altogether happy that the birds are siding with the ‘skitters on this one.

I’ve started my countdown timer until holiday time, and next on my list is my lists. You know the one for what to bring (with separate tabs for food, clothes for me, V and B, and doggie items), the one for what to do, another for what to arrange, what to buy and finally, who to notify.

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