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Gadgets up the wazoo

June 17, 2010

Well not really, more like up to the wazoo.

My husband hasn’t yet met a good deal he didn’t like. Even if it’s for something he will never use, or something we have 15 of already, the deal will always win. I think there might be some calculation he does that assumes the better the deal and the more of them he has the better the average of each item overall. This is how he ends up with at least 2 full scuba rigs, three different motorcycle jackets, tree cleats (I know weird right? But he’s actually used them), a PSP and DSlite (well 2 actually).

This is also why at one point V had 3 play kitchens. Why at six months old she was the proud owner of a Barbie Jeep and Barbie four-wheeler. Why we can’t move in this house without tripping over her toys. And in the interest of full disclosure, it’s also why I have 3 sergers, a Vespa, and my new Joe Rocket jacket…after all the racing leathers would have looked a bit crazy on the Vespa.

Now all this acquiring does have some usefulness, it has enabled him to trade up, or in some cases to finance his purchases. For example he recently purchased a newsed motorcycle jacket, pants and boots. He really only wanted the boots, and the pants don’t fit. But buying them as a package, he paid less than he’ll be able to sell the pants and jacket for, in other words, woohoo free boots. Yes, more than one member of my family has referred to him as a horse trader.

His latest deal is the inspiration for the title. He came home yesterday with a  Sony eReader. Now just to clarify, hubby isn’t much of a book reader. You will never find him curled up with a good novel. What about me you ask? Yes, I read a lot. I actually read so much that I received my very own, shiny new eReader for Christmas last year. Yep, the one reader n the house (V’s two remember, give her time!) already has the exact same model!

But, the deal was ‘just too good’. Granted it was a smokin’ deal. And it came with the hard leather, lighted case (which I’m totally keeping), but it still boggles my mind. He usually restricts his purchases to his own interests or something that we, V or I, ‘require’. I can’t wait to see what this turns into. My money’s currently on an iPod Touch.

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