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Real estate roulette

June 28, 2010

Short recap of the past 8 months: B and I are looking for a different house. B and I are looking for a cottage. B and I are looking for a home on the water. B and I are looking at cottage properties to develop and sell.

Hopefully we’ll only end up doing one of these.

You would think 2 people in their (VERY) early 40s, the parents of a dependent child would have a plan. Some sort of goal when they set out on these ventures, but not us, at least not in the sense that you would be able to recognize our plan. We aren’t happy with our house for a variety of reasons, and even if we were able to expand it, which we really aren’t,  it wouldn’t solve the reality of it being a high ranch bungalow. This is two problems in one – stairs all the time and all the sleeping rooms crammed together so one slightly-less-than-silent person tiptoeing to the bathroom in the middle of dark wakes everyone up.  However, if you’re a prospective buyer, the home is WONDERFUL! Bigger than it looks, tonnes of storage, well cared for!

Maybe if we had a weekend getaway the house wouldn’t seem so bad. We’d like something fairly low maintenance where we could take ourselves, V, and the two dogs. This requires a travel distance measured by how long we can stand the dogs going mental in the car.  Ideal would be if it didn’t cost a bazillion dollars.

This would force upon us a degree of organization which might seem normal to some, but would seriously cut in to the amount of time we spend lazing about, it would be almost like we had to act like real, live adult homeowners. Being gone on the weekends would mean chores and cleaning need to be accomplished at home during the week. No more Saturdays spent on 7 hour cleaning marathons. Now the gardens would have to get planted and weeded and cared for during the week. Dish mountains couldn’t wait for the weekend, and laundry would have to get washed, dried and folded (okay who am I kidding, I don’t fold it now, that’s what those handy baskets are for) before a mountain formed. I foresee a neglected PVR, maybe even a missed episode of Glee or Coronation St.

But wait! A home on the water would mean we wouldn’t have to go anywhere on the weekends and we could maintain our current lazing levels. Oh, but then there’s the commute, and the degree of organization that would require. I mean, no longer would I be able to roll out of the shower and be at the office 15 minutes later. No more nipping out to the grocery at 11:30pm because we have no milk or bread even though today was grocery day…

Okay, let’s stick to big-scale organization rather than organization of the minutia.

But wait! Here’s an opportunity to buy several cottage lots, develop them and sell them off. This would allow us to finance said weekend getaway. Oh, what’s that? We’d be building the cottages? Clearing lots, adding septic, digging footings and raising the things ourselves? Hmm, that sounds like a lot of work.  In the bush. In the bugs. In the heat. Without running water. I could see building *a cottage* but 8? And then we still end up with the organizational issues and top it with a good dollop of exhaustion. Seems less than ideal, and makes me feel ancient. Twenty year old me may have been all over it, but forty year old with a toddler me, is less than enthused.

We are the couple that would drive a real estate agent mad. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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