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Evil has a twitchy nose

June 30, 2010

Meet one of our yard bunnies:

Don’t be fooled, evil lurks in its tiny heart. It might not look it there, while he sits so innocently on the correct side of the garden wall and munches on the acres of clover we’ve been so gracious to provide, but he and his cohorts were waiting. Lulling us into complacency.

The first sign of trouble brewing was the decimated Liatris.

Notice how they attempted to disguise their feeding frenzy by leaving a few stalks standing.  Wow, nearly had me fooled. And they may have pulled it off if they’d given the  phlox, balloon flower, iris and daylilies the same treatment. Not much point in photographing the dirt where those used to live.

Their eradication of our perennials was a clever blind. They were biding their time to breach our defenses, waiting until the rain conspired to bring the delicacies to the edge of our garden fence. They sampled and wanted more.

This weekend, while we were at Ribfest (sampling and wanting more, funny enough) they made their move and we came home to this:

(Excuse the focus, in my panic to chase it away I forgot my camera was in MF mode. But man did that was some good lookin’ lettuce)
Gaping holes in the netting, and a decimated garden. Beet tops vanished, lettuce razed to the ground. Broccoli and brussels sprouts nibbled to the stalk. They even started in on the pepper plants!

Operation fortification was enacted after a) determining that we couldn’t obtain a shotgun in short order and b) a quick trip to Home Depot for some 1×1 chicken wire (well actually 2 trips, the first time we bought 2×2 accidentally-oops!)

The first iteration of the enclosure lasted 18 days. Hopefully this one will keep those rabbits plotting and scheming and starving until September or so.

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