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4-day weekend (pt 3 – the last one) or OMG more family?

July 8, 2010

Saturday’s big event was a barbeque at my Uncle and Aunt’s. It served a couple of purposes – they like to have the family over a couple of times a year, so this checked summer off their list, and hubby was able to return the golf clubs he’d borrowed the week before…did I mention that hubby’s first day at the new job consisted of a golf tournament? Nice life!
Anyway, we’d chatted the visit up a bit with V, which meant she was in no mood to go for her nap. Law was laid down, 2 hour nap or no visit. She was unfortunately in orbit at that point so the nap involved a cuddle with a parental unit. Not that we’re complaining.

Our local 7-11 must think we have some sort of gingerale and diet coke problem that we just can’t kick. This was the 3rd time in 2 days we’d stopped there to fill our pop order. I can’t do ‘bring nothing’
V and A and L spent quite a bit of time in the pool. I’m so happy to see how comfortable she is in the water now. She’ll lie on her back just staring up at the sky, or flip over, blow some bubbles then roar around the pool pretending to be a shark. Yes, in our world sharks roar:

I swear we aren’t weirdo parents who only put two inches of water in the pool. This was the pool after many hours of in and out. After they discovered that holding down the sides flooded the lawn. They were still clinging to every opportunity to show off their sharkdom.

Other highlights of the day included the kid’s painting area, which as advertised produced many children covered in paint. Neighbours closed up their garage sale by the time we arrived for the ‘que so we were able to root through the free stuff for kid’s books and boots – SCORE!

We are on a path to totally sabotage her nap and sleep patterns, I think she finally hit the hay around 10 that night, but woohoo! she slept in Sunday so I didn’t complain that much. Hubby took her shopping (aka out of the house) Sunday morning so I could do this:

Note: I will pay babysitters in jam. Taking all applications. I need a vacation from my vacation. Luckily the countdown’s on!

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