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FB is hazardous to my mental health.

July 9, 2010

And one day my head will explode.

I play a game on FB, and yes I know that’s 1/2 the problem. But I’m hooked and stubborn and well, not going to quit now. Part of the key to this game is getting the biggest group together to assist you in your various tasks. As I’m rather a hermit, and many of my friends are too, and we’re not in high school with zomg 1600 friends, I’ve opened a very filtered part of my profile up to random strangers, AKA game ‘friends’. Doing so has exposed me to ‘a wide variety of people’.

I enjoy ‘a wide variety of people’, but I seem to have a disproportionate number of…lets call them wackadoos on my list and I can’t spend too much time reading their posts or my head will explode. And the more I read their friends’ comments on their posts, the closer I come to my eyeballs actually being ejected from their sockets and steam coming out of my ears.

My favorite today was the woman that posted some protest request for Pepsi because they were leaving ‘under god’ out of the pledge of allegiance on their cans. I was all over faster than she could hit post. Despite my proving to her this was a false rumour FROM the year 2000 and fricken 2, her friends have now all signed up to drink water only. Yes, this decision should probably be applauded for the health benefits, but the lack of logic and independent thought or research burns. My personal favorite was the one zealot that heard her god speaking to her since she quit Pepsi last week (her favorite drink) and now her oracle of a friend posted this, validating the voices in her head. Clearly a sign she is well on her way to being canonized.

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  1. July 14, 2010 5:37 pm

    OMG…I HATE it when people post or forward shit that you can look up on snopes and it is obviously not true. The mob mentality. If you really are going to go crazy, I recommend either Xanex or the “hide” feature. 🙂
    PS Thanks for visiting…I love your blog!

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