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Today is the day to avoid computers

August 6, 2010

Well actually technology in general.

  • My iReader is not charged, I cannot read in bed with it. I cannot find a USB cable (mainly because the sock monster has turned into the cable monster in this house)
  • I just realized I unplugged the PVR and TV during a storm 4 days ago and haven’t plugged it back in – not much getting recorded there.
  • When I undock, then redock in the same day my machine will bluescreen – really, it’s a feature. Sometimes this feature will appear just by plugging in a network cable. Makes travelling from room to room to give presentations fun. Today when it bluescreened, my mail, which I’d just changed the password on, didn’t synch properly. Was unable to log in to corporate mail.
  • Due to joys of going on 2 week vacation, also needed to change my intranet password, which is used for corp IM services. That started failing too.  Had to use gmail account to contact boss to find out if he fired me
  • The only place I keep my phone login info is in my mail. Guess where they send your password reset info if you cannot access mail?
  • I just updated my apps at the AppStore and now one of my paid apps is complaining that I have an illegal version and it ‘limiting’ me.

Two and a half hours left in the day. Let’s hope I don’t do something silly like break the internet.

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