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52 days and counting (down)

August 13, 2010

Fifty-two days until we lose our minds and invite a group (specific group not just random teenagers drug from their basements) of ethical hackers in to our network to see what they can find. They test us to our standards. Any issues they find here is called out as a GAP. They test us beyond our standards, anything found this way is called a RISK. How fun is that? We can follow all the rules and still get our wrist slapped. Why ethical hackers? Well, we don’t want people who are actually going to compromise state secrets, we just want them to tell us they could have.

My team lead asked me today if there was anything I was doing that would interfere with leading the preparedness project. I let her know that the two other projects on my plate directly feed into the TRA (threat and risk assessment) and anything else I’d already stopped doing *heh*

Not really a joke though, for the next 52 days I will be herding cats and suspending my life to get our rather substantial network and all the systems on it into the best shape they can be. I look under the rugs and peek in all those hidden, dark corners. I open the doors the admins thought they had locked up tight. I ask the questions people don’t want to answer. I create work items and lists and work break down structures. I schedule meetings and hold people accountable.

My blog reader already has 900 unread items and the PVR is full. I haven’t written a post in five days.  I forgot V’s medicine two days this week. And I’ve fallen asleep on the couch with a laptop on my lap every night this week.  This is going to be messy.

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