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This isn’t an IF blog I swear!

August 22, 2010

Today hubby, V and I attended our fertility clinic’s family picnic:

While we munched on our sandwiches (and Vache Qui Rit) we were entertained by a magician, who managed to do this to our doc:

I have no idea what is going on here:

Junkyard Symphony was there, as were some highland dancers, A Company of Fools, Tim Hortons (yum) and some firefighters (double yum!).  V had to visit the truck 3 times (I swear I didn’t influence her at all!)

Afternoon outings can sometimes be tricky as V is still napping from 1-3 (as may I on occasion). Today there wasn’t a single meltdown, lots of rolling down the hill in the park though and she managed to grab about an hour snooze when we got home.

While we were talking to him, Dr. C mentioned that the procedure has been scheduled for this Wednesday. Not much to comment on there, I guess there is some relief that things are moving along, and we’re no longer in limbo.

On an unrelated note: I caught my dear husband (the one that has nagged me for years about the amount of time I spend working) sending a working email from his crackberry. On a Sunday. At the picnic. I will never ever let that one go. 🙂

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