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Thank goodness for brothers!

August 28, 2010

But before I get to that, I really, really need to stop with the comfort eating. I’m up 8lbs in 3 days. That is NOT GOOD. I am decidedly jiggly.

Oh! And also, neglected from yesterday’s post: On top of the yummy deliciousness of the heated blankets, they have this super cool gizmo that layers you in plastic bubblewrap and then blows warm air into it! No. It’s not the drugs, it really really exists and I want one.

Anywho, when I first heard that I’d be headed in for the D&C on Friday or over the weekend, I panicked a bit. You see, hubby and I are old. We are falling apart. Hubby specifically is shredding up his knee doing nothing much at all. He had a consult at the Sports Med clinic on Tuesday and they scheduled him for x-rays today.

I wasn’t sure what state I’d be in, or where I’d be so Uncle Bub to the rescue! He was over here at 7! (what is it with 7am these days? I am never, ever presentable at 7am) and we had plans that he’d return V just after lunch, in time for her nap. Well, plans change and after breakfast V’s friend W came by Bub’s for a visit, there was some shopping and crafting and lunching…then a nap. Auntie Cole spoils my child! And, V was returned by 4, meaning I had a whole day to laze about, so huge thanks to Uncle Bub and Auntie Cole, V had a blast and I loved my extra day for napping.

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