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How to prepare for Lumiere Ottawa, Neeroc style

September 4, 2010

Believe you have your shit together. Maybe even congratulate yourself on how well things are going and how you’ve found some sort of balance Even with the two extra little ones here today I managed to vacuum! Vacuum I say, I was hoping for just survival.

After a fantastic day of little ones playing, have them together at the table for dinner. While they’re busy bathing in ketchup, mustard and hot sauce, sneak away to prepare the knapsack.

Add fairy costumes to bag. Throw in your sister’s tripod, remote shutter release and spiffy wide aperture 50mm lens. Pack a spare diaper for A. Get some moist cloths prepared (REMEMBERING diapers has been the biggest adjustment so far I’d say, V’s been out of them long enough that I forget what it’s like).

Fret, worry, look up the location and directions on the site. AGAIN. Program iPhone for directions.
Get the kids cleaned, changed and out the door, loaded into their carseats and take off like a shot. Worry, because you are driving through some drizzles. Find relatively close parking. Haul the kids out, show them their costumes and get them into them. Walk over to the park. Be thankful rain stopped. Admire all the little fairies and princes running around.

Look for camera.

Run back to van to see if it was on the floor. Mentally go back over checklist. Find MAJOR FLAW in plans.

Have an awesome time anyways.

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  1. September 6, 2010 10:32 pm

    Doh! So glad that you made it (with all three kids), despite the lack of photographic evidence.


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