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Ranty, ranty tech pant(ie)s

September 9, 2010

I’m slightly perturbed at the lack of a RAW to JPG batch converter on my laptop (also Visio, Project and I’m sure many other things I haven’t tried to use yet). I used to have one, maybe even several, but I can’t for the life of me remember what they were, or where I got them, so picture-taking, -editing, -uploading is wacky for me lately. As in stabbing myself in the eye would be less painful sort of wacky. Added bonus is that my system has a swappable bay that is currently occupied by a HD instead of a DVD drive, so any handy-dandy CD software I may have bought or received is pretty well useless.

I’m also sort of hesitant to install any more software on this system as it gives me nothing but grief. Today alone I had to reboot first thing in the morning to get anything to work, and as it was chugging away (I don’t know what it does, but my HD is pinned for easily 20 minutes after a reboot) it BSOD’d!!! What year is this? Who still gets random BSODs? I wasn’t even doing anything. And I don’t mean that in the way that end users don’t do anything, I mean that in the ‘I turned it on, started writing notes cave man style in my (paper) notebook and watched, slack-jawed, as it committed suicide’ sort of way.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate computers? Or rather, how much they hate me? I’m an IT person. I should get a free pass. I should open my machine and little cartoon birds start twittering in the trees then swoop down to do the typing for me. Instead, when someone asks me how to secure their system I’m forced to reply ‘keep me far away from it’.

Chrome should not take up all the memory on this system. Thunderbird should not hang whenever I receive new messages. Microsoft Help Centre should not have to close every time I unlock my screensaver. Some bluetooth driver (which is TOTALLY disabled AFAIK) shouldn’t prevent my system from going into standby mode. And my system shouldn’t bluescreen if unplug the network cable and plug it back in without waiting an hour (don’t ask why I’m not using wireless, just don’t). I should always be able to switch to presentation mode and for the love of technology why can I not use search on my system? Seriously. I cannot search for files on my system. My c: drive is a black hole.

Oh and while I’m in ‘hulk smash!’ mode, please explain to me why my monitor suddenly decides it’s three times the size it really is, and opens my applications out of viewable range? Further, why does my monitor not display colours that are anything close to reality? I thought I had a beige background on my blog. Apparently it’s a yellow-green background. Do. Not. Want.

I’ll admit I have a bit of a reputation for being hard on systems and I don’t count the one I dropped when running between meetings, or the one that I had with me the year I was on mat leave (babies and cats are very hard on laptops – I blame them totally for that one!) My co-workers had a pool one year to see how many rebuilds/new machines I’d need in the calendar year. I think the final tally was 5, but it might have been 7. If there is the potential for a failure I will find it. Or rather, it will find me. Some people can’t wear watches, I can’t get a computer to play nice.

*Just so you don’t think my curse is limited to PC products, I have managed to hang my iPhone 2x now. Full-on reset required. And I have discovered a talent for hanging my DSLR too – having to reset by removing the battery doesn’t make picture taking easy. *sigh*

Oh holy crap. Just as I was about to hit ‘send’ on this post I, no word of a lie…DROPPED MY DAMN LAPTOP (don’t tell anyone)

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  1. Willy permalink
    September 9, 2010 9:24 pm

    2 thoughts:
    1) stop eating magnets
    2) your sister has a handy-dandy batch RAW->JPG converter if you want it.

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