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Ya, so.

October 1, 2010

It turns out that when you’re getting ready for a bunch of ethical hackers to come and tear your network apart you just aren’t allowed to have a life. I have been so brain tired lately that I don’t read, I don’t write, I barely even tweet.
The good (?) news is that they finally arrive next week, so it will be one final week from hell followed by remediation hell. Wait a minute…
Anyway, I’ve been neglecting my child, my husband, my home and my pets, but we’re in the home stretch now, and somehow that translates to me not having time to sleep tonight. Not that I don’t have the desire to sleep, I just don’t have time to do so. My body is really rebelling me on this though, as I look through hours and hours of vulnerability reports I keep nodding off. I’m not sure who’s in charge but they need to realize I’m not in college and am too old for this crap.
And still every time I talk to someone at work I manage to ask that one question that unearths a new problem. I really should just get myself a muzzle until this whole thing is over or my co-workers will never talk to me again and no-sleep Thursdays will be a regular thing.

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