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I may need an intervention

October 6, 2010

I’ve had a terrible habit, and it’s been getting worse over the years. I used to think I could control it, but it turned out it was really controlling me. Controlling me like a remote control (or if you’re old enough, a clicker).  I thought my PVR gave me freedom, but it was an illusion. The more room you have available and the more channels you have, the more you feel the need to record. Of course recording the shows is only half the exercise. You then need to find time to watch all that garbage. Sure you can say that you’ll get 30 minutes of viewing into 22 (or less if you’re a fast-forward fan like hubby), but we’re still talking a serious commitment.

Ah boob tube, I thought I finally kicked you to the curb.  I unplugged in late July and never looked back. No more Coronation St, no House, no Lie to Me, no Big Bang Theory and no Bones. I said good bye to all those kids with the J-names, and accepted the fact that I’d no longer know which star was sleeping with which other star. I would use the internet for recipe inspiration, I gave up hope of training my dog, and I really didn’t have any renovations planned. I didn’t care. I went outside and frolicked. I blogged. I tweeted, I flickr’d.

It turns out it’s easy to kick tv in the summer, the season without hockey, without the shows I care about. Subtly the rumblings began – new season, premier dates, theories, excitement. But still I resisted. I made it almost until the end of September, then I took that first intoxicating hit. And I was back in. My gateway drug? GLEE. I was fine to miss every other opening show and would have blissfully continued to do so if it wasn’t for those damn singing, sarcastic kids. Now I find myself up until all hours of Tuesday night (excuse me Wednesday morning) catching up on the rest of the crap on the PVR. I mean while I’m parked in front of the tube I might as well watch House and BBT and Lie to Me right? What’s a couple of hours between friends? Throw in that mega family from the mid-west and hey, I’ll take a side of David Boreanaz while I’m at it.

So far it’s just been the one splurge a week, but I’m not yet willing to claim I can control it, stop any time I want. I know better than to make such foolish claims so early in the game. I know the key is to start deleting those timers I have set, but that’s a big step and I’m not ready for that quite yet. For now, I walk away with a safety net and I never stray too far.


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