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One week down

October 19, 2010

Week 1 Day 3 down of the couch to 10k app and I’m feeling great. What a gentle lead in, no crazy stupid aching muscles. I really have to watch out for shin splints and I’m already noticing that I’ll have to take better care with my warm up and stretching, but no complaints at all. I’m actually considering doing some other form of training on the off days.

I love the fact that hubby and I are doing this together. We don’t do a lot of things together and it’s far too easy with this one to say, ‘well, someone has to stay home with V’. So far she’s been great about ‘zooming’ with us in her stroller. We bundle her up, pack in some toys and we’re off. The snowy season will be a bit more of a challenge, but we’ll tackle that when we get there.

We’re still working out the timing of our runs. He’s off for work at 6:30am and we’re out the door before 8am so mornings are a no-go. We’re both home around 5, and the dog walking, dinner cooking take up another hour or so so we have to be careful about not keeping V up too late. I joke that we should strap a petzel to her head and bring some books, that way story time will be taken care of. Dinner too is a bit of an issue. We’ll really have to start planning our meals with an eye on whether we’re going to be exercising for an hour immediately after eating. Roast beef, cabbage and mashed potatoes with an apple pie chaser are not the meal of choice for this endeavour I’ll tell you.

One immediate benefit I noticed was that on the days after I ran I had no back pain. Back pain may be a bit of an overstatement, backache might make more sense. And the funny thing was I didn’t realize that it was always there until it was gone for a day. I’ve had constant tension in my back at least since I was pregnant with V and to be able to get up without doing the old man shuffle and walk the dogs without creaking bones was great.

I freaked myself out a bit by jumping ahead to week 12 and so my confidence is shot as I look at running for a minute at a time on Wednesday. I know it’s pure silliness but still those voices in my head are giving it their best pitch. Guess I’ll just have to show’em on Wednesday!

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  1. October 19, 2010 11:01 pm

    You rock! I am happy that you are happy with this and running again. But spending time with your hubby? Don’t let Willy see this – he might get ideas! 🙂

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