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Road. Hockey. Showdown.

October 26, 2010


I refrained on Saturday, but couldn’t contain it any longer. Now that that’s out of my system, on to the post:

The details are still a little fuzzy in my mind, but somehow last week I found myself the captain of a work-in-progress team to be entered in the Road Hockey Showdown. Now I don’t doubt your ability to read (you’re here aren’t you?) but I’m not sure you’re going to click that link, so let me tell you about the showdown. This was a tweetup with sports and for charity. Brainchild of @amyboughner and @joeboughner, and the first (they assume) event of its kind. Tweeps getting together for fun, food (Hintonburger – totally yum!), a little friendly competition, and of course the coveted Road Hockey Showdown Cup while raising money for the Ottawa Food Bank. As well, there were some fantastic items donated for a silent auction.

Somehow, my tweets of, ‘are you getting a team together?’ turned into, ‘I need more people for a team’ when read by others, and I soon had 2 possibly 3 willing participants in Stella, Willy and @h_at_e_. Luckily for Stella and me, Ron and Willy a) haven’t given birth in the past 3 years and b) have played hockey in that same time period. Ron recruited another coworker, Brad and we were off. Scared, but off. My goal for the day was not to trip over my own feet. And while technically I succeeded, I did wipe out IN THE WARMUP. Never a good sign.

Saturday was a gorgeous, sunny, perhaps just a tad cool day. We faced stiff (but friendly) competition from both the Senaleafs and the Losing It Ottawa folks, but managed to squeak by for the win in both games and ended up facing the Senaleafs in the final.

(Video by RDV Production)

And, despite my total lack of energy for the last game (well, energy and skill) we managed to win! It may just be a sad commentary on my contribution the entire day *g*…

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, 2010 Roadhockey Showdown Champs. (Picture from the Road Hockey Showdown website)

Aside from the kick-ass trophy we each received gift certificates for Canvas Pop and a team cert for Boston Pizza Orleans, and I also received a picture frame for the winners portrait. All a total surprise and much appreciated.

Best of all? The event raised $1500 for the foodbank!

Things I’ve learned:

  • The person who invented ‘it will hurt more the second day’ needs to be shot.
  • If you don’t exercise and you’re 40, you might as well be 100 in road hockey years.
  • I should have whined to @pinkcb two days ago. Epsom salts was a brilliant idea
  • Gravel might just be slipperier than ice.
  • I need to stop doing and start organizing. I’m really management material.
  • I work with great people.
  • Ottawa tweeps are super people. It was great to put faces to those names.
  • @little_randy’s son is one fantastic little goalie.
  • V came out for a visit too, and while she isn’t quite ready for the big time, she did work on her shot:

    The rest of my pics can be found here.

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    1. October 27, 2010 10:25 pm

      It was fantastic fun! And great to play against you guys 🙂 Even though we lost…

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