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Auction for a great cause

October 27, 2010

Our little rescue girl Sasha came to us through the good people at The Alaskan Malamute HELP League. These volunteers are amazing people who care so very deeply for Malamutes everywhere. They will move mountains and ensure they do everything in their power (often superpowers) to save these beautiful creatures.

They work tirelessly to find forever homes for all the Mals they meet, but often a home isn’t immediately available. This can be for many reasons, including compatibility issues or need for an owner/home assessment. While they work on the perfect match,  the dogs are fostered and while they’re in foster care food and medical expenses are covered by the AMHL. They also care for many ‘unadoptables’ in permanent foster situations. Often these dogs have medical issues and need specialized care.

They are currently holding an online auction to raise funds to provide food and medical care for Malamutes in foster care. If you haven’t yet started your Christmas shopping, this may be your chance. The items close between noon tomorrow and Saturday, and you will have to register for the auction. Shipping is being donated, but can be matched as well:

Please have a look and help a great cause.

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