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I might be nuts

November 14, 2010

Have I mentioned I knit? Well, to be accurate, I used to knit a lot, then I gave birth. Up until last weekend I think I could tally up my stitches over the past year on one hand. Maybe even one finger or less. Then I went away with my knitwit friends and knit and rested and read and learned and photographed and talked and laughed. And loved it, it’s been far too long. And now I’m inspired and depressed that I can’t figure out how to add the knitting back into my day. I have new patterns for things I want to knit for V for birthday/Christmas (nice thing about December birthdays – miss them, the gift can be a Christmas gift!)

There really just aren’t enough hours for pets and family and house and work and blogs and chat and tweets and…oh ya! sleep.

I haven’t missed this event since V was born. I may have gone for the abridged version of the trip, but I’ve been there every fall. This year I decided (with the encouragement of hubby) to stay an extra day. It meant being away from them for almost 4 days and wow did I miss them. Not only did I miss them, but I’m sure V grew while I was away (yes this is the nuts part). I can’t believe how much her personality has developed. And the talking. Oh my the talking. Questioning will also fall under talking. There’s a lot of that these days. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before now. And she seems taller and thinner, but I might be nuts.

It’s good to see that somethings don’t change though, I mean she still won’t go to bed without a fight (and many cuddles from Mom), she still manages to make her snuggle-bug way to my side every night, and she still hasn’t met a glass of milk that she didn’t spill.

Now  for some yarn porn and other scenery:

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