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We went to the museum and saw things older than me

November 17, 2010

It already seems like so long ago, but it was just this past Saturday morning that V and I hauled our carcasses out of bed (see that? Carcasses. Always makes me giggle because I always mean asses) at workday-type hours and bolted out the door to meet up with Stella, Willy, Woo and Goose, and Deb and her daughter V (I know it’s deja-read, but wait there’s more!) at the Canadian Museum of Nature.
As one that subscribes/advocates/endorses/wholeheartedly embraces the -ish rule*, I have to take a moment to savour the fact that I was on time while others in our party were not.
Okay, back to the museum. Fan-freaking-tastic! From the moment we walked in the door there was so much I wanted to see. Of course Woo’s an old pro at finding his way around so he led us directly to the dino room and from that point on I didn’t have a lot of time for reading things (I would totally go back sans kids btw) but I did get to see (since it’s one of the first things) that 85% of the displays in the museum are ‘real’ (vs casts) which is HUGE and impressive to me even if I couldn’t tell the difference. I guess deep down I long for the day when someone sneaks in, scrapes away to find some DNA and unleashes Jurassic Park for real. Sort of in the same way I want them to reach absolute zero or recreate a black hole on Earth.

Ahem. From the dinos we went to the ‘extinction’ movie (oh, I guess I should have mentioned spoiler alert!) where we managed to avoid getting acid-rained on and the sound effects didn’t scare any of the little ones…I may have seen one of them comforting a parent. The bugs were the next stop, and a HUGE hit. There was much searching and tapping and squealing and goofing around in at the tables and chairs. I’m sure at one point they were pretending to eat bug pizza.

The arts and crafts room was also popular with the 3′ and under crowd, they each proudly wore their crowns for their visit.  I’m sure we made it to all the exhibits, and in only 3 hours. I could spend an entire day there, and if I was with a kid it would be spent chasing her around. If I was kid-less, it would be checking out all the displays and snapping pics at the crazy displays and the building itself.

An extra pleasant surprise, one of our co-workers has a display of his works (moths) currently up until January, you should go visit these beautiful scanned images. As a knitter I know I should hate moths with all my heart, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the Luna moth, and he’s captured some beautiful images of them.

That’s right, 3 hours (and the best $10 I’ve ever spent) and V wasn’t the least bit bored or cranky. She was a bit hungry so we all trouped over to The Works to wrap up a perfect outing.

Here are some of the pics I managed to snap (while ignoring my child):

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  1. November 17, 2010 7:59 am

    Haven’t they done a great job with the reno? For years I wondered “really, how good can they make it?”. Now I get why it took a decade 😉


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