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November 20, 2010

(This is why I should never go shopping alone.)

I borrowed Stella’s 50mm lens the other day and I love it. So much so that I need one of my own. Well, in a break with tradition, not an identical one, but still a 50mm. Like need and will never let go of again, which Stella will not appreciate as I still have her lens. Today’s lunch hour found me out on an errand and I realized I was driving in the daylight for the second time this week! And I found all sorts of things I want to photograph. Everywhere. And I didn’t have my camera and I don’t yet own that sweet lens. A second complicating factor is that three of the places I found are on highways and I couldn’t just pull over, block traffic for a while and shoot away…or can I? It’s driving me so nuts that there are actually a couple of places near my work that I might head back to tomorrow just to capture.

My errands ‘conveniently’ took me past the Henry’s in Kanata and I *had* to stop in. The lens that I want is special order, as in you bought it you bought it, and they don’t have one to try. Slightly disappointing, but highly recommended by the sales guy (I know, duh right?) This makes me a bit nervous so I’m still trying to sort that out.

Then of course (because I’m a browser not a focussed shopper) I decided to look at flashes. I don’t have one and would like a bit more control than the on-camera pop up. But I might just start with this diffuser instead (for 600 less dollars! eeps). At that point I thought it best I leave, I didn’t even want to get in to looking at a wide-angle or fish-eye lenses, or a ring flash for the macro or…

I almost made it out the door before I remembered the Canon G12, so back to the counter I went for a peek. I was actually quite surprised at how small it was. I guess between all the features and the ‘beefy’ looking pics I was expecting it to be more DSLR-sized, where really it’s almost slip-in-your-pocket sized. We need a new point and shoot, and as I’ve discussed with @kgraydonald and @justinvl, this would be a nice compromise to buying a second body (which @justinvl kindly talked me down from). I think it would make a perfect gift for hubby 🙂

THEN, on the way out the second time I saw the most awesome little camera bag (yes I say little, the one I have now holds my body, and 3 lenses and all the extra gadgets. And I’ve been thinking that I need something that I can just throw the one camera/lens and maybe a P&S into and be off.  It seems perfect. I’ll have to head back for a better look because by that time I was about 45 minutes overdue from lunch and couldn’t afford a third trip to the counter.

Surprising lack of purchases, but a few more items added to ‘the list’.

Last week’s pics of Sammy were all taken with Stella’s lens as was this:


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  1. November 20, 2010 1:58 pm

    of course the point and shoot would be a great gift for xmas. 🙂

    Are you keeping your a-100 for now? I thought there was talk of a body upgrade too? (not stirring the pot, just curious)

    My pref on the lenses is to stick with Sony. Historically I have liked the feel of them over Sigma. (how is that for totally arbitrary and non-measurable input?)

    • neeroc permalink*
      November 21, 2010 10:43 pm

      Who knows, it varies from day to day, but chances are I’d stay with a Sony if I did upgrade. Apparently hubby’s pref is the Sony lens too, but his decision is purely financial.


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