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Yes, I am a flake.

November 28, 2010

Somehow I managed to get it into my head that V’s BFFs birthday party was this afternoon. It wasn’t until hubby and I were having a discussion about the arrival time that I realized (by locating the invitation – miracle of miracles!) that the party was YESTERDAY!

Yep, we RSVP’d and then totally ditched without a word. Primarily without a word because, well, we thought we were on schedule.

I feel horrible. I feel horrible for the friend who’s been ditched, I mean, pretty sucky behaviour to be learning about at 3. I feel horrible for V who was discussing the party today and when I said, ‘no sorry sweetie it was yesterday’, got the most concerned look on her face and asked, ‘did I go?’

And I feel horrible for the parents, and for now being the people that are going to invite this little one over for V’s party in two weeks. I mean if the tables were reversed I’d have a hard time resisting my inner Cartman (‘screw you guys’).

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