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Winter would be fun if it weren’t so damn cold!

January 21, 2011

Wednesday night V, hubby and I went swimming; not much of a winter activity until you leave the cozy pool for -24C out of doors. Then? Dashing to the car before the water in your ears freezes is totally a winter sport. Bonus given for not wiping out while carrying your pajama-clad child.

Tomorrow night we’re planning on going skiing. This will be our first trip to the hill this year, V’s first trip ever, and my first time on skis since ’05. I’ve checked the forecast and it looks like another -24C night. I predict we won’t be out there long. Hopefully our limited time on the hill (and the fact that we’ll mostly be in the kiddy park) means we’ll also avoid injury, snapping my frozen limbs off in a wipe-out just does not sound like fun. The real challenge of this trip though will be squeezing into my pre-pregnancy ski pants.

We might try skating tonight, I think it’s supposed to be a balmy -19C and, to make this most like Miami Beach, I think the community association has installed a skate shack. It might even be heated. Good thing I’ve stocked up on the cocoa, but is it really that much to ask for say, -5C instead? The snow would stick around, the rink would stay frozen and our eyelashes wouldn’t stick together. I’m really baffled that people came to this part of the world hundreds of years ago and thought it was a good idea to stick around.

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