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Numbers. And rambling. Maybe a bit of denial.

February 8, 2011

Not only did I forget both my snack and lunch at home today, but once I got home tonight I found my snack (which included cheese) on the dining room table. It was Vache Qui Rit and I ate it.  Who cares if it wasn’t refrigerated for 9.5 hrs? But it’s okay, because if it was bad I couldn’t taste it, seeing as I’m freaking sick AGAIN. So any and all typos and errors in logic are to be blamed on fever/food poisoning/hallucinations. Oh, and the light-headedness from lack of eating.

As much as I was enjoying the Super Bowl last night, I fell asleep some time in the 4th (the guacamole did it’s best, yelling at me as it did, but it was no match for the blissful zzzz’s) and woke up some time into Glee – thankfully the rest was PVR’d so double win.

I just discovered that with the lag the CBC puts on the episodes, I’m 15 and a half months behind in Coronation St. Why’s Sunita there? What happened to Tony? Carla came back? Who’s playing Nick? These questions will keep me up at night and I don’t have football to soothe me to sleep tonight. Catching up entails 2.5hrs a week x 66 weeks…man I’m never going to catch up that way I need to find a good update site. And let’s be clear, I have to go to the right update site or else I’ll end up ahead of the Canadian broadcasts, and that’s like time travel.

One of my mail accounts went wacky a while ago, and gmail wasn’t picking it up. I finally sorted it out today and it turns out ‘a while’ means since Dec 24, 2009! Several thousand messages later I discovered a sale (ending today) on some photo editing software I’ve used in the past. Scooped that up for $50. Was going to go for the download, but with my history decided the CD was a better bet, even though I can’t find the CD for the previous version.

I was seriously falling behind in my 730 in 365. Then I went on a freecycle binge. 44 items disposed of today, so now I’m ahead of the game. I refuse to count the 30 or so books I picked up today. Or the kick ass jazz and classical albums I snagged from the garbage on Friday. Refuse. They’re dead to me.

V has 22 other kids in her class and there are at least 2 others in the next room that she also plays with. I’m not really that interested in Valentines plastered with whatever the latest marketing ploy is, so I’m seriously considering making…something. It really should be a self-psychiatric evaluation, but I don’t think cutting that up into heart shapes will go over so big. This might help with my stashbusting goals. If I can figure out what to make.

HUGE win: Hubby drove the van yesterday, it was out of gas $80. Hubby took the car today, it was out of gas $70. I couldn’t have timed that better if I tried.


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