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I may never sleep again

February 27, 2011

It’s true. Sure, I barely sleep now, but seriously, I’m obsessed and it’s my husband’s fault. My lids will never close again. Worse, those library books? Neglected. Eyebrows? Unplucked. Photos? Uncaptured. I hope I remember to bathe myself and feed my child.

He and my daughter turned this lens (which was ordered but never appeared):

In to this:


Sure I’m still in the market for a 50mm lens (see note about unsnapped pics) but seriously! Angry birds! Movies! Books! Surfing! Whatever!
Aside from photo transfers and editing (for now) I may never open my laptop at home again. Never. And if I’m never closing my eyes that’s some sort of balance right?

So here’s a question: Has anyone used/modded a Bell SIM card in their iPad? Is it worth chopping my SIM card with a meat cleaver?

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