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Next I tackle the wrinkles

May 24, 2011

Last weekend we stopped for a treat *ahem* for V at Dairy Queen. It was so lovely we ate our treats outside, baking ourselves on the asphalt in the process. Hubby’s treat melted first so he took Chet back to the van to enjoy a bit of AC while I managed to un-stick V from the table. As we were navigating the parking lot, hubby worked on his covert surveillance skills and snapped off a bunch of pics on my camera.

Now, I HATE having my picture taken under the best circumstances. And a secret picture, taken on a hot, breezy, pollen-filled Saturday afternoon, in the glaring sun (with no sunglasses*), corralling a 3 year old (hopped up on sugar), navigating a parking lot while wondering if I can somehow nap even if she doesn’t, is just about the farthest thing from the best circumstances. I think the only way it could get worse was if I was in a bathing suit.

Well, I thought that until I actually looked at the pics. Needless to say very few if any of those will ever see the light of day. However this little piece of one of them might explain why I was asked if V was my granddaughter. And I apologize if my shrieks of horror drowned out the fireworks Sunday night:

Link to the horror.

I considered setting fire to my laptop, but then realized that not only would that have solved anything, but it might be other deep dark ‘machine-related trauma’ type issues just bubbling up to take advantage of the situation.

I’ve put up with the mousy colour, I’ve even tolerated the crazy after pregnancy hair (and thanks missed miscarriage for making me go through that again last year). The greys I gave up on yanking a while ago, I didn’t even mind (that much) when I found my first gray eyebrow hair, but a whole freaking blob on the side of my head? And it’s not even like one of those sexy streaks starting at my widow’s peak, it’s just a random splotch which has managed to attach itself to my head without me noticing.

A quick survey of the bathroom cabinets turned up a bottle of dye I’ve had since before I was pregnant with V…actually I was pregnant or trying since 2006 so the box might be from 2005. It’ll totally work right?

*Don’t lecture me about sunglasses. I can’t wear them, the edges confuse me and I fall over like a fainting goat. True story.

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  1. May 25, 2011 11:03 am

    I remember as a teenager I swore I’d never dye my hair. My three sisters were really into it and I couldn’t stand the smell and the staining, and the occasional Big Oops were not encouraging.

    When I hit 35 though, I started to go grey big time and my mom said to me, “You’re still young, you have young kids, you should look your age.” So now it’s every six weeks with my box of Nice and Easy.

    I still hope to go grey gracefully within about 10 years but the patchy-grey look is not working for me – I’ve also been mistaken for a grandmother and GAAAAAAAAAH, hair dye is the lesser of the two evils :).

    • neeroc permalink*
      May 28, 2011 12:00 am

      I haven’t yet, and I’m really tempted to do something like fuchsia. I’m fairly sure I’m too old for that tho… *g*

  2. May 27, 2011 10:00 pm

    i’ve got the GIANT grey patches at the side of my head as well. hello clairol #54! DO IT! like lynn said, nothing wrong with looking your age, and grey is your actual age’s worst enemy.

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