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You too should be amazed I can find my own way home

May 30, 2011

I just spent more time than I’d care to admit trying to remember anything about YESTERDAY (I started writing this post on Sunday, so this is a reference to Saturday, less than 24hrs ago at the time.). It’s only because I checked my pictures that I have any freaking clue; I was drawing a complete blank. Part of this may be due to the absolute elation at having our house sold, but for the rest? No excuse.

Given that I forgot a whole day, I think I need to write about it. Things weren’t spectacular yesterday Saturday, but they were cool in terms of satisfying my not-so-inner shopaholic (hubby’s too – but that’s a post for another day). On the way to breakfast we stopped at a garage sale at MILs church. I picked up a milk glass dish and a couple of old glass trays. Top of my want list now? A blacklight, I’d love to know how much uranium I’ve got stockpiled in the old china cabinet.

Even though I know we’re going to have entire rooms devoid of furniture, I’m still a bit hesitant about grabbing stuff to decorate the new place as we’re not there yet and so I was talked down from a gorgeous porcelain floral lamp (this might make you think capodimonte, but it was more like that in Technicolor. Or on acid.) Nobody is really surprised we were able to fill an entire 16x7x7 storage container are they?

Next up we ate. V decided Friday night that she wanted to go out for breakfast, and I drew a complete blank at anything other than Fil’s. Hubby pointed out that getting there would involve us driving past at least 10 decent breakfast diners, but I’d mentioned the F-word so her mind was set. The last time she was there she’d gone with Uncle Bub and Auntie Cole and they took her bowling afterwards (West Park Bowling Lanes is attached) so it wasn’t a surprise that she tried her darndest to get into the lanes. Bub and Cole, if you’re reading this you’ve got a bowling date waiting.

After an enjoyable hour wrestling her out of the bowling lanes, we ventured down Carling to the GGGS. Hubby had never been and he was so entranced that he drove blocks and blocks just people and sale watching. I finally started shrieking like a banshee (we obviously have VERY different shopping styles) so he parked and we started roaming. V picked up 3 new books within the first block. Hubby’s already mapping out our strategy for next year.

Our best deal of the day? (Besides the free plush, puzzle, car mat, skiboot holders and doll):

Golf clubs and bag for $5. Hubby plays one game a year so this is totally worth it. Although we are moving beside a golf course, so this could be a slippery slope…

In the late afternoon we left V alone with a pen for approximately 4 seconds and she managed to draw all over both her legs, and not just like a single line, I think she was trying to reproduce Starry Night.

I actually started this post to talk about what was at the time today (Sunday) but it’s already crazy long so I think I’m going to call it quits. On the up side, writing this has let me figure out that I was probably in a state of shopping-induced amnesia. I’m sure it’s real. Think those people that go to the store for a jug of milk and never make it home. Good thing I had hubby around to bring me home.

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