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Haircut update – Sunday night deadline, hoping for a rally.

June 23, 2011

As it stands now I’m not in the running for cutting hubby’s hair. He broke the news to me tonight that one of the women at his work has managed to raise over a thousand dollars (I think she’s got good dirt on her coworkers!) for the chance to cut his hair. My ‘comment for a buck’ drive currently has 76 unique commentors, so after my sister’s match we’re at $152 and friends and family have donated another $150. Thank you for every comment! To the rest of you – I know a lot of you in real life, I read your blogs and follow your twitter streams. You aren’t usually this quiet. *g*

The consolation for me is that the views on the post are much higher than this, so I at least know that I’ve managed to spread Doug (and Jessica’s) story to a wider community. But I’d love to be able to make a huge donation, tangible proof that others read and cared enough to leave a comment knowing it was worth a two dollar donation to this family. I’m not asking you to donate, just leave a comment, say ‘hi!’ and it’s my money that’s going to the family. Sunday night is the deadline, and Wednesday is the chopping day!

In case you’re wondering – I’m running a freebie blog, I don’t run ads on this site, I don’t make money from visits or comments, I’m not trying to increase my traffic for any reason other than to support this family. (And well, maybe I’m bragging on hubby a bit). If you have a second read the story, if you don’t please save me from doing something immature and cutting it off the night before (whoa where did that come from?!) by leaving a comment.

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  1. June 24, 2011 8:27 am

    gack! i didn’t realize you were raising money for comments. and damn you google reader. it makes me comment so much less frequently. so, can i come back every hour and comment? 🙂

    this is an awesome thing you and the hubby are doing. i am very curious to find out how he feels after being freed of the pony tail!

    • June 24, 2011 1:28 pm

      lol. I was considering a big flashing headline, but that would still get lost in Google reader. Thanks for your comment!

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