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Conversations with V – Smartiepants

July 26, 2011

(Hubby and I were debating leaving the AC on or opening the windows at the cooler end of a hot, muggy day)

Me: Check to see what the temperature is outside.
Hubby: I don’t have a weather app on my phone.
V: Open the door!

Freakin’ obviously.


V currently has two favourite bedtime stories – Billy Goats Gruff and Goldilocks. She also has approximately 500 books and at the rate of reading the same two stories at bedtime, well, she’ll never finish them. So I occasionally play hard-ass mama and bar those books from the night’s reading line-up. The other night was one such night, and as both stories are in the same book, I just moved it aside, grabbed one new book and asked her to pick something else. I paid no attention as V grabbed a Golden Book, and crawled in bed beside me. Once she settled I started reading the story I selected.  I was halfway through ‘my’ story when she started squirming and giggling. By the time I finished the book she was barely able to contain herself. She grabbed ‘her’ book from the bed and managed to giggle out, ‘it’s another Three Billy Goats Gruff!’ before collapsing in a fit of laughter at having pulled one over on Mommy.

Not only did she get her Billy Goats fix, but she has her first story of getting one over on her mama. Already.

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