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How to build a gear head.

September 2, 2011

This past Wednesday we brought V to her first race at Capital City Speedway, which is celebrating it’s 50th year this year. A friend of Bill’s thought it might be a fun trip for V as well as his 5-year old son. Turns out he was right *g*.

This is one of the things I’ve been wanting to do with V for a while now, but never seemed to take the time to pin it down to a date. I’d spent a lot of time out there in my younger days, (I even sold 50/50 tickets there in my late teens and early 20’s) and I introduced Bill to the races when we started dating. But it had been a good 10 years or so since the last time we were out there.

The first thing we did (here’s a sign that we really are adults) was secure some ear protection for V. And here’s a sign that we’re not all that grown up – we didn’t secure any for ourselves.

To say she was captivated would be an understatement.

These guys are LOUD

These guys run a motorcycle engine under the hood.

The races start at 7:30 but anyone arriving early will be able to see the cars doing warmup laps as well. On regular, non-feature nights the track has 5 classes of cars racing. Each class races two (I think 10-lap but don’t quote me on that) heats then a final feature race, making for a  good two hours of racing if all goes well. Unfortunately we saw a few too many of these:


so we weren’t able to stay for the feature races. I’ve never understood people who talk about wanting to see crashes in racing. The speed and power are what grab my attention, what bring me to the edge of my seat, not the risk of injury or death. Also? After a crash everything slows down (or stops) until the track can be cleared. Can you say boring?

Okay, I will admit that using two tow trucks in tandem to move a car from the field is pretty interesting in that it takes some driving skill, but if you ask my 3(.75) year old? Booooooorrrrring. No where near as interesting as throwing stuff under the bleachers and watching mommy crawl under them to retrieve it.

And I’d still rather see two cars duking it out at checkered flag

By the time the heats were done it was 9pm (extraordinarily late finish for the heats), luckily there is an intermission between the heats and the feature race, which makes a perfect break for getting any little ones off to bed.

Between heats we had ducked down to the concession stand and picked up what Bill declared to be the best concession popcorn he’d ever tasted. V also sounded the usual bathroom alarm, and I’m not sure about down by the beer garden, but near the gates they have two portapotties and if you do decide to use them be warned there is no sanitizer in them, so you might want to bring your own.

Got a little gear head in your life? Their end of season spectacular,  Summer Slam is on September 10th and on top of the races, monster trucks, 100 lap enduro AND a demolition derby they will also be having monster truck rides! Just remember the ear protection *g*

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