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August – Exhausting Pt. 2

September 7, 2011

This weekend ROCKED. We had absolutely nothing planned. We didn’t have to meet anyone, be anywhere, clean anything or feed anyone. All three days and it was fantastic. It’s been so crazy lately that V turned to me Saturday night and said, ‘who’s coming over for dinner?’ and when I replied that we were all on our own, and she pouted a bit and asked if we could invite someone – anyone. She just doesn’t think that we ever eat at home just the three of us. *g* The best parts of the weekend were that Uncle Bub and Auntie Cole fed us twice (once on my brother’s birthday!) and last night they performed a surprise kidnapping of V – whee for some adult time!

Remember when I said after my last two week recap that I’d do better? I lied. I really, really planned on it; we did things, I documented them, and planned the perfect posts in my head. But it turns out that when you’re creeping up on retirement AND chasing an almost 4-year old around you tend to lose the ability to type after 9pm (yes, that is my excuse, why do you ask?)

And even though I was almost on top of the ball enough to post for the last day of August, we did some pretty cool things the past two weeks and I thought I should share:

I learned I need to check V’s pockets before throwing things in the wash…and hubby’s not helping curb this either, what with him picking her up a rock tumbler and all.

DSC05421We celebrated Bill’s mom’s birthday.

We went to the final concert in the park. This was a local Stittsville band, fairly young, and if I were being charitable I’d say the singer was having problems with his monitor. Hopefully they’ll get whatever kinks they need to work out sorted.

We also attended the Company of Fools presentation of Antony and Cleopatra at Andrew Haydon Park. V was a bit more restless this year than she had been in the past and as we were sitting further back she wasn’t completely captivated. I think the smaller venue of previous years worked better for us, she wasn’t as distracted by the wide open spaces. As well, this year I was asked to stop photographing the performance (I wasn’t using a flash, and was well back of the stage, I wasn’t getting up or obstructing anyone’s view) and I found it a bit off-putting. There was no mention (that I could find) of non-flash photography not being allowed, and they were in a park for goodness sake!

That same weekend found us at the Lumiere Festival, with our little fairy:



And keeping the costume theme going, it was Pirate Day at V’s school the following Monday:

Speaking of walking the plank, that same Monday, Bill decided at noon to let me know that his mother would be dropping by around 2 and spending the afternoon and dinner with us. Have I mentioned we’ve been busy? Any idea what our house looked like?

Luckily V kept her pretty distracted, trying to figure out how to blog on this super cute portable typewriter I just received from freecycle:

There were a few more episodes of me flailing in a pool while my daughter did her best to drown me, and I’ve discovered that the pool I thought was cold was only lukewarm compared to some.

V’s old daycare had a wonderful end of summer bash, with bouncy castle, face painting and a dunk tank, not to mention cotton candy.

Yep, runamok just about sums it up.

The next day I finally got my act together and had one of her best buds over for a visit, and as an extra bonus her parents came too, with their 10 day old little boy. There really is nothing to melt your heart like the little noises a brand new baby makes.

Then on Sunday we headed out for breakfast at Fil’s and had every intention of hitting Mt Cascades for some water park action. Luckily someone saner than me made the call to stick around town, because the tail end of the extreme edges of Irene blew through here, and well, brr.

Monday we had my sister’s family over for dinner, we’re getting as many of those in as we can before they go to India for a year(!), and now maybe you understand why V thinks eating with just ol’mom and dad is BORING! And luckily I get the feeling that I’ll be so consumed with trying to stay on schedule and remember to pack lunches and drive the kid to school at a set time that we probably won’t have anything going on until say June.

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  1. September 9, 2011 11:02 am

    Great photos, especially the ones from the Lumière Festival! I can’t believe Company of Fools wouldn’t let you take their picture outside in a park! That’s ridiculous!

    • September 12, 2011 3:33 pm

      Thanks, I really love that event. I may even dress up next year *g*. And ya, that thing with the Fools was a little off-putting.


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