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Toddlers, tv, and tantrums

November 15, 2011

(So she’s technically a pre-schooler (which is weird considering she’s in school)…but respect the alliteration man!)

V watched very little TV as a baby as we only have one tv in the house and at the time it was in our basement. If she and I were down there during the day I’d flip it to one of the satellite music stations. Because really, there’s nothing more entertaining than me acting like an idiot. Just ask…me. (I *may* have just figured out why V already doesn’t want me to sing or dance around her). Evenings were slightly different as there were two exceptions to this rule: Coronation St. and Hockey Night in Canada. I wasn’t about to let some flimsy excuse like a child being attached to my boob stop me from watching those two shows.

Hubby had the tv on more during the next 10 months, but it was always boring things like cooking shows and that just didn’t catch her fancy, so she’d putter around her play kitchen (hmm, maybe she really was learning something) with her back to the tube. The shows were nothing more than background noise.

Earlier this year this started to change, and we began letting her watch single, occassional episodes of The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That (seems like a long title and yet it still falls short when compared to my blog’s name *sigh*). They were fun, not too obnoxious and seemed to teach stuff. I mean she spent the spring talking about echolocation!

Then we moved and had far easier access to the tv, the family room being not only on the main floor, but attached to the kitchen. The occasional show progressed to one half hour show before bed each night. And I decided we needed variety.  I mean one can only sing the thingamajigger song so many times. Fortuitously, I happened across a post on the local Ottawa blog Cool Science suggesting Sid the Science Kid. We love it! I’m still not allowed to sing and dance, but V pretends to be Sid, we head out on adventures, she wants to do experiments, we discuss the shows, life was rosy.

Then came the show on air pollution. After Sid realizes cars cause pollution, Sid’s mom decides to walk to school one day and now V thinks we should do the same, or we aren’t doing our part to reduce air pollution. This is a very upsetting situation to a not-quite-four year-old, one that demands tearful pleas, repeated requests, promises from Mommy that Wednesday (my WAH day) we will walk, followed by renewed requests on Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday to walk and reduce air pollution. If there’s one thing my girl does well, it’s drama. I’d like to point out that hubby often picks her up and they walk home, but noooo the damn show was about Sid’s mom and the drive TOO school, prior good acts just don’t count. So tomorrow I walk her to school. And next Wednesday and the Wednesday after. I’m sure if  you’re looking for us come January we’ll be the ones stuck in the snow bank, that little girl of mine is a stubborn one!

I need to rethink this whole educational TV thing before it gets me in more trouble. Do you think it’s too late to switch to The Wiggles and Pingu?

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  1. November 16, 2011 9:03 am

    the jellybean is into the magic school bus at the moment. love that show! he had his pingu phase. never got into the wiggles. (he watches a crazy amount of tv though)

    • November 16, 2011 1:13 pm

      V’s first introduction (and mine) was the concert last year, I’d won tix through KitC. I’ll have to check out Magic Schoolbus thanks.

  2. November 18, 2011 10:22 pm

    Busytown Mysteries (CBC Kids) has been a favourite in this house for about a year now. But don’t blame me when you keep singing their songs 😉


  1. HNIC – Leafs vs Habs – Opening Montage – Oct 22nd 2011 (HD)

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