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No seriously, I’m not this organized

November 26, 2011

Yesterday was a busy day for V. And I can not wait for her to learn how to write so she can keep track of her own calendar. Because this is crazy and I’m just not cut out for it.

For starters, not only was it Friday, but it was Freggie Friday (I think that’s supposed to be fruit and veggie Friday) which means they had to have fresh fruit/veg for their school snack (as a point of clarity, V is in the afternoon kindergarten, so by the time this rolls around she’s already had a snack and her lunch at daycare, and will be provided with another snack when she returns to daycare. She gets plenty of fruit and I usually send a cereal/grain snack to school). Apparently though, I need to be told how to pack her food to ensure she has balanced nutrition during the day, and if I don’t chose to give her fresh fruit at that time, she’s penalized as they hold a draw, and only those who have freggie snacks can enter…but I digress.

It was also ‘wear a hat day’ for Spirit Days. I didn’t even know it was spirit day, or how wearing a hat ties in. Do they sing hat songs? Go to a hat rally? Or is the wearing of the hat enough?

And bring a teddy bear to class. You just know there’s going to be that one kid that brings the 6′ teddy, so I tried to talk her into bringing the smallest, little micro bear she has, but she just wasn’t buying it. (this would have helped with the transport/packing as well – not that I’m only thinking of myself)

And popcorn day. (Seems to be a bit of a mixed message on freggie Friday)

I’m not sure, but I think these little things lose their specialness when you’re cramming them all in like that. I mean no wonder we complain our kids have the attention span of a gnat! They accomplished all this, a lesson, outside time and maybe some french in 2.5 hours today.

Oh, then there’s daycare – it was also show  and tell over there. And of course she couldn’t just talk about her hat or the teddybear, she also wanted to bring in a beach ball (no I have no idea why, maybe to see if I would let her?) and it had to be pre-inflated.

I am really not organized enough for this. I mean, this past Wednesday I had to make a second trip to the school because I forgot her damn backpack (which is almost the same size she is, is turquoise and was carrying her lunch and water – important AND hard to miss right at the front door) and now they expect me to remember the backpack, water, note tote (which I totally forgot) and three new items? I’m surprised I didn’t leave her sitting on the front step!

(On the other hand, I guess I should be glad that we only received one request for money this week, especially after the THREE we received last week – and I should point out there were only four school days last week.)

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  1. November 26, 2011 7:23 am

    When people say “Oh, I could never homeschool, it must be so hard” I think back to my days as a public school mom & know the truth. You guys have it WAY harder than I do & that’s not gloating, that’s kudos.

    I’m reminded of the day the kids were told to dress nicely, for picture day. Duh. I can handle that. But then my daughter got a nasty note home AND a phone call from her PE teacher, to remind me never to send her to school in a dress on PE day. She probably wished she hadn’t called me.

    I’m going to ignore the part about fund raising, because if I get started, you’re going to have to ban me from your blog. I would much, much, much rather they just raise our property taxes already & stop turning our kids into con men.

    Crap, you got me started. 😉

    • November 26, 2011 9:58 pm

      Oh the ranting I could do! I think I’m going to become ‘that parent’

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