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Is it new years yet?

December 21, 2011

Last Monday I woke up and thought it was Saturday. On Tuesday I convinced myself that it was Thursday. And on Sunday I hosted my first Christmas dinner!

The good news is I’ve learned how to cook an 8lb roast, I managed to avoid all foods allergic, disliked, despised or declared ‘poo’ and we determined we can fit another couch in our family room. And we have a decorated tree.

The bad news is when I counted I came up with 13 and there were really 15 for dinner, I forgot to hand out presents to the kids, and the basement is a disaster again!

The other bad news is I’m losing my ever-lovin’ mind, and not in a good way:
Today is garbage day. It’s also the day I work at home (one has nothing to do with the other but they are both background to the story). I had a lunch date and as I pulled out of the driveway I noticed the squirrels had gotten in to the garbage and there were some scraps on the ground. And I kept on driving. As I got to the restaurant hubby called and mentioned he’d be going home for lunch.

Had a great lunch, contemplated shopping but skipped it on the way home, and then pulled back in the laneway. As I did I made a (slight) mental note that the recycle had been picked up. I got out of my van, headed around the car and noted that someone had tidied up the squirrel mess. My first thought? ‘We have the *best* garbage men ever! I cannot believe the recycle guy would tidy that up and protect the rest of the garbage from the squirrels!’

I then head to the front door, put my key in and realize it’s unlocked. I’m not that worried, I know it’s totally possible that I spaced out, but I’m sure I remember locking it. It’s only once I’m completely inside and *see* hubby’s shoes that I realize he’s home (did I mention his car was in the laneway?) and our garbagemen (while they may still be fantastic) did not tidy the mess on the lawn.

Next up for your amusement? On Sunday I’m cooking dinner for those poor suckers called my family. The fire department and paramedics are on standby.

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