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February 14, 2012

We’re teaching V animal names in French. Hibou (owl) is her favorite.

Some one will need to remind me about this episode next time I get one of my brilliant ideas.

It started innocently enough. I found this pin weeks ago, and I knew I just had to make them for V’s class and daycare. If I’d given this a bit more thought I would have realized this meant at least 40 of those puppies, but I didn’t. I did however have enthusiasm. And craft supplies:


What I didn’t have was a template to make cutting that teardrop easy. So pencils were dulled and minions were recruited:


Colours were mixed and matched randomly:


The minion wanted pink and purple hiboux so I made sure that each card had at least one of those by pairing the teardrops, chopping where it looked good, and swapping the triangles:


Did you know if you make 48 cards, you will need to punch out 96 circles for eyes?


My hands may never uncramp.

But wait, we aren’t done with the eyes yet, we still have to make them into eyes:


Ah, the sweet smell of a Sharpie.

Next was the cutesy message. Over and over and over again.


The term owl-ways now makes me a bit twitchy.

Just because I hadn’t damaged my hands enough with the punch, I now needed to cut two slits in each card for the owls to perch on the pencils:

Not bad, only one case of oopsie-digit.

The final product. Yes I did this instead of packing for my trip. Totally worth it.
(I never realized how easily sharpies dull. Seems they might be mis-named.)

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  1. Sara permalink
    February 15, 2012 9:35 pm

    I love them!!

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