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He’s lucky he found me

March 31, 2012

I’ll file these under it’s a good thing he’s cute:


The other night I was sitting on the cuddle couch and hubby was in the kitchen. In my sweetest voice and with my best eye-batting, I asked him it he could make me a sandwich and a glass of milk.

He replied yes, then turned off the kitchen light and walked upstairs and went to bed.

I laughed until I cried.


See that up there? It’s my favorite mug. Well, it’s actually after we travelled to Kingston last summer to replace it at Black Dog Pottery(*ahem* because he broke the first one *ahem*), it became my replacement favorite mug. So when I came home from work the other day and found the crazy glue out on the kitchen table, with this mug sat beside it, I was worried.

And that worry was justified, as you’ll see below:

His immediate reply to my obvious question? ‘There was a mugging’

Apparently the ambush came from the upper cupboards. Mug on mug violence is never pretty. But really, just once I’d like my pottery to win.

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  1. April 7, 2012 11:18 pm

    He’s like my dad – breaks coffee cups, plates and show pieces like it’s a hobby!

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