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Easter recap

April 9, 2012

I realized (very late Saturday night) that we might indulge V a little:


In our defence, the kite is from her Aunty Cole.

Sunday morning found her very excited to discover the eggs the Easter bunny left (it only occurred to me Saturday night that we should do an egg hunt). Through some quick thinking I was able to explain the Easter Bunny’s use of ‘her’ plastic eggs by pointing out that he’d want to make sure Chet (the dog) couldn’t get at the candy. She agreed this was wise, and as she added to everyone who heard the tale, ‘because my dog eats everything in the house’.


Yes, they’re all filled with sugar candy.

As soon as the egg hunt and a quick skype with her cousins in India were over I needed to take Chet for his ‘morning constitutional’ so I decided to bring my camera along. This guy’s breakfast may have rivalled mine. But the effort he put into hauling it up the tree was well worth watching.


Ciabatta squirrel

Don’t these guys look like they’re doing their morning stretches?


lovely light

I was really tempted to stick an egg in this patch of grass:


Hubby’s (and V’s) favorite toys have to be things they can chuck at walls. Luckily (gee, I wonder who did the shopping) she got a bunch of wall ninjas and sticky octopods. A funny thing happens when they crawl down an overhanging wall:


They might tempt you, but they stop dropping:


Another of V’s favorites? Anything that makes a mess. So what better than coloured bubbles!


It turned out I had lots of time with my camera yesterday – V and I started on a nature walk in the afternoon, but she got bored, so I ended up taking Chet for an early walk where we ran in to lots of critters:


There were at least 3 painted turtles out sunning themselves



We then spent a great evening with hubby’s sister and her family, celebrating not only Easter but our nephews’ 18th birthdays as well (man it seems like yesterday!)


And topped it all off with a gorgeous sunset:


I may come down off the sugar high by Tuesday.

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  1. April 10, 2012 12:33 pm

    I love this, your day, your pictures. All beautiful!!

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