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Any veterinary opthamologists out there?

April 25, 2012

My dude (the husky) is getting old. We found him in 2003 and they estimated that he was between 1.5 and 2 years at the time, making him 10 or 11 years old now. That’s getting up there for a larger breed, and we’ve recently noticed some troubling signs. He’s legs shake, he’s creaky (much like Sasha was) and he’s going deaf. It’s a sad, sad day when dogs start marching right past my super social guy while he’s on the path and he doesn’t even hear them. He still gives playing the college try, but you can see that the young dogs are just too much for him, he’d prefer a nice sniff hello and then be on your way (of course as soon as they leave he whimpers and goes into a play bow, but we know his heart’s not really in it.)

This past month the most troubling sign has cropped up. The cornea of his right eye is turning blood red. He’s been tested for glaucoma, infection, dry eyes, scratches and the vet has not yet been able to determine a cause. And, making matters worse, the only veterinary opthamologist (I can find) in the area is out of the office for a month.

Here he is, a spring chicken at only 8 years old. Chetverka
Look at those gorgeous eyes!

And here he is today:
For the first couple of weeks it didn’t really seem to be bothering him. His eye wasn’t watering, his vision didn’t seem impaired, and he wasn’t blinking or scratching at it. That’s all changed, as you can see it’s running and he often keeps it semi-closed. We can tell his vision is being affected, he’s extra cautious when approaching stairs and you can surprise him by coming up on his right side. I’m starting to get worried but there doesn’t appear to be anything else our vet can do, and we’re now just waiting for the opthamologist to return, hoping it doesn’t get worse in the meantime. I hate this! I need a plan to fix it and make my little guy all better.

(His left eye also has a uveal cyst, but that one isn’t a cause for concern at the moment.)

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  1. May 14, 2012 11:35 pm

    He’s such a gorgeous boy. I know it gets harder for us when our pets get old. They want to do the same things they always did but can’t do it with the same energy yet they try hard. I love dogs.

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