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My helpful guide to identifying plants

May 19, 2012

Today saw me spending a lot of time outside communing with the plants. Some of the plants were familiar to me, and some of them were not. The previous homeowners loved feeding the birds and the birds loved seeding the garden so there are a tonne of random plants springing up where the feeders used to hang. Some of these I tackled by yanking them out by the fistful, for others I adopted more of a wait and see attitude.

It was while I was weeding the same patch for the third time in as many weeks that I came up with this handy dandy guide to differentiating between the plants you want to keep and the weeds you wished had never sprouted:

If you can rip out 99.837% of it and it still grows back, it’s a weed. If you look at it wrong and it dies, it was a plant.

You’re welcome.

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  1. May 21, 2012 12:39 pm

    LOL! If I had known this earlier… 😛
    I’m starting to consider to just having a weed garden of yellow and white flowers 😉


  1. Win one for the weeds. « One day this blog will have a snazzy name

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