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Why I don’t read books on my iPad

June 2, 2012

You would think that as a person involved in IT, with (some of) the latest gizmos and gadgets, I would be all for reading books electronically. It’s fast, easy, convenient, and the store is brought right to you home. You can even check etitles out from the library. It appeals, I tell ya, it really does. And lately I’ve been trying to figure out where I lost my reading mojo. I used to love reading. I’d read obsessively, devouring books, series, authors. I’ve read through my holidays, I’ve read through the night, I’ve even been known to read in the shower. In case I haven’t made it clear, I love reading.

You’d never know it to look at my Goodreads though, it might lead you to think I’m illiterate. I may have finished reading two books this year. A closer look however, will reveal that I’ve STARTED 9, and it might give you a hint as to why I hesistate when it comes to ebooks.

Where are they now?

I’m reading The Secret Garden with V. Or rather I was, we can’t find the book now.
Black Swan? No idea where that went. I think I was about 20 pages in on that one.
Anna Karenina? On my Sony eReader. Yes I know where the reader is, but I have NO IDEA where the charger is for it.
Religion and Science is one I use when I can’t sleep. Works like a charm.
I have no idea where the Hunter S. wandered off to, but I’m sure it’s having a helluva time.
Mice and Men? Guess I should check the traps for that one?
And the Vonnegut is sitting on my bedside table. 

Seven books and I can’t find six of them. I’m terrified to start reading on my iPad, I’m way too attached to it to lose it!

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  1. June 3, 2012 6:39 am

    Me and my wife have found that we “give up” on a lot more books than we used to. Did we used to just “power through” books we weren’t enjoying or something? Maybe because it takes us longer to get THROUGH a book, we’re more likely to drop it if we don’t enjoy it. I actually have a GoodReads bookshelf called “gave-up” (and I’ve given up on more books than are listed there). I also have a book shelf called “try-later”, presumably something I gave-up on, but maybe will read later? (yeah right)

    re: iPad, I find it too big and clunky to use as a book. Though it’s MUCH better for PDFs and technical/reference books than the Kindle. For plain old “serial” reading, Kindle and iPod Touch work great. I used to read a lot on my Palm Pilot (160×160 pixels?), so can put up with nearly any crappy device.

    • June 4, 2012 2:07 pm

      Pat you’re making me realize just how stubborn I am! Not only am I too stubborn to give up on a book (and I really, really should, life is too short…I mean I read the entire Mission Earth series thinking it would get better) but I also like the iPad to read on, mainly because I’m still not used to wearing my glasses *g*.

      Speaking of reading on the Palm brings back memories of Mcq wandering around the halls at work, nose stuck in an eBook.

  2. Anita McCabe permalink
    June 3, 2012 6:05 pm

    I still enjoy the experience of seeing how thick the book is, seeing it get bigger behind me and thinner at the back; I like to put the bookmark into the page. I think for me holding a book is a very tactile and visual thing and have not even ventured into e-reading. Jerry bought me a tablet last year and I’ve not even looked at the possible reads yet. I’ll be one of those ‘old’ relatives that doesn’t know anything about technology – sadly, even my mother has her “Crackberry”, PVR and laptop. I continue to be a holdout.

    • June 4, 2012 2:01 pm

      The other inconvience I’ve found with electronic readers is a bit of a silly one – when I went to Jamaica a couple of years ago I thought it was great! I could take 100’s of books with me without a hit to my luggage limit. Seems well and good until you realize you can’t just leave it on your beach chair when you go jump in the ocean.

      Granted, you may note from my post that I perhaps should take a bit better care of my books, but still, I’ve never had a paperback that cost $600!

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