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Now where’s that tinfoil hat?

June 14, 2012

I was going through some older posts and found this from almost a year ago. Since then it appears that ‘they’ have managed to not only get me to let my guard down, they also managed to erase all paranoia from my mind (no, it’s not just that my memory completely sucks).
As far as I can tell ‘they’ haven’t made much progress on whatever their plans were, and I thought I had a good theory about that. I still have the drowned phone, and it still acts flakey, so it’s possible they’ve lost all contact with it. Or, since I try really hard not to drown it these days, it’s keeping them happy. And after the microwave blew up at our old house we didn’t bother getting one for the new place, so they can’t get me there. But on further reflection, I realized they managed to get our old PVR to fail and we’ve now got a new model in the house. And the coup de grace, the smoke producing hardware failure on my laptop a couple of weeks ago seems in-line with their activities.

Makes me wonder why “they” wanted me to have this new machine and new OS.

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