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Overheard at bedtime

July 29, 2012

There isn’t much that changes with our bedtime routine for V. Sometimes it starts a bit later, sometimes it’s a bit earlier, but we stick to the same activities. Sure sometimes there’s a giggling kid, zipping around the house nekkid for a few brief, exhilarating seconds, but it always ends the same way, in the same room, with 3 stories a recap of her day and then quiet time.

But, if you really pay attention –

Her: Who’s that?

Dad: That’s Pluto, another dog, but he doesn’t wear pants

And she just accepts it. Which makes me realize good ole’ Walt was probably on to something.

A little bit later:

Her: Who’s that?

Dad: Daisy Duck

Her: Why?

Dad: Because Daisy Duke wouldn’t have been appropriate.

He’s not wrong.

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  1. July 29, 2012 11:51 am

    When I do things like that Joe tells me to stop editorializing

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