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Weight loss update

July 30, 2012

You may have noticed a lack of Losing it in Ottawa posts from me over the past six months or so, and the reason just sucks – I was doing the opposite. Without a noticeable change in my diet, I gained 20lbs in just over two months. This did not make me happy, headed in to summer as we were. And it sort of freaked me out too – sort of, but not enough to drag my sorry butt to the gym. The up side of course is that it meant I needed a new wardrobe, but even that isn’t much of an upside when you’re the heaviest you’ve ever been.

Sort of funny too, just after a my RE noted that I was the thinnest he remembered, I skyrocket up, and I’m not even going to consider those implications.

Talk about a wake up call, I’m still not working out, but I am getting ‘the summer drift’ back in line. Portion control, laying off the Italian sodas, and tonnes of fruit and veggies seem to be doing the trick, I’m down 3lbs this week alone. I’m not sure the next 40 will be as easy, but I’m definitely going to be writing about it again, so consider yourselves warned.

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