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How I spent my summer vacation

August 7, 2012

I spent the last day of my summer vacation all alone and I’m not complaining (wow did that ever sound selfish!) I usually take an extra week while hubby’s at work or at least have a week or so staycation with the family, but this year we spent the full time at a rental cottage. This seriously cut in to my puttering time – you know, weeding the garden, sorting through the clothes V’s outgrown, doing high dusting…am I not just a barrel of laughs!

I had such plans for today! I may have even made lists, planned shopping and had a timetable. Then I decided I needed a third coffee to start the day and ended up flipping the bird to gardening and high dusting. Instead today’s main event was…pickles! We’d been to the Parkdale Market yesterday, and although I only intended on getting some lovely fresh veg (which I did) and maybe some pics (which I didn’t) I was tempted by the siren song of 15lbs of cukes at an amazing discount.
15lbs of cukes is a lot when you don’t really have a plan. So I took 1/2 of them and decided on bread and butter:

That’s still a lot of pickles!

Yes, I’m a sweet pickle sort of girl, but I’ve discovered the main attraction of dills is that there is NO SLICING. Bread and butters mean a LOT of slicing.

Or at least they do until your hubby wanders by at lunch and asks why you’re not using your mandolin or food processor. Then they only involve a lot of trying not to scream for being such an idiot.

Things go much easier after that. And note to self: remember to use the ‘so you don’t chop off your fingers guard’. That bastard is sharp.

There is a ridiculous amount of moisture that you can sweat out of these things with a bit of salt and some ice packs. And again, I’ll point out that you need to use the finger guard on the mandolin in the previous step, or mixing cucumbers with salt just ain’t that fun:

I learned my lesson and mixed the sugar, spices and vinegar with a spoon.

I now know it’s turmeric that gives relish its crazy colour

And now for a different twist on the two week wait:

nom nom nom

My fingers have already decided the other half will become dills tomorrow night.

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  1. August 14, 2012 3:03 am

    YUMMY! I will be avail for tasting in October! 🙂 Are you doing tomatoes this year? I am hoping there are still some when I get home…

    • August 14, 2012 10:05 am

      We’ve done B&B, dills, corn relish so far. Hoping to get tomatoes, but the drought has really put a crimp in things around here.

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