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Tomorrow’s medical oddities today.

November 8, 2012

Earlier today I came across an article describing electric underpants used to help prevent bedsores and it gave me pause.

Think about it for a second, at one point we used leeches for bloodletting, mercury salves to cure syphilis, womb batteries for…well, what ails ya I guess, and let’s not forget lobotomies to calm you the heck down…sticks poked through your eyesockets then used to scramble your brains can have that effect. They all were developed to help, and in some way ‘fixed’ the problem, even if it killed you.

So no, I’m not saying the Smart e-Pants are going to kill you, (well, except the whole electrocution thing) and I’m not saying that bedsores aren’t something we need to find a solution for, and I’m certainly not qualified to judge whether they will work or not. I am however wondering where medical science is going to be in 100 years, and if someone will have a pair of these in their collection of medical oddities.

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