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Feeling daffy

April 30, 2013

I told a bit of a fib yesterday. Ok, it was more than a fib, I lied right to your face! (Face? Faces? I’m assuming more than one person will read this, but you probably each only have one face…hmm) So, ya. I have proof that V did stop at least twice. The first is when she found a patch of daffodils beside the creek. She immediately requested my camera and snapped this beauty:


I’m so happy that she loves taking pictures and having her picture taken. It’s also not uncommon for her to request that I take a picture of whatever has caught her fancy. I have many, many pictures of smiling food faces she’s created and bugs she’s found. No not together. Well, not usually.

And the second time she stopped was when we found this gigantic damn dam:


I think the only thing that was slowing her down at the creek was the fact that her shoes got stuck in the sludge. The creek is so high (damn beaver dam) that the surrounding soil is complete mush.

Oh wait, I found a third pic of a stationary V:


This one cracks me up. She might be still for that millisecond, but her hair’s still moving!

And here’s my copycat picture. I think I’m going to start letting her set up all my shots:


So there ya go. I’m a copycat and a liar.

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