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I love Ottawa – Tulip Festival edition

May 14, 2013

You know my tulip and gardening love is pretty serious when I pass up Comicon, the first Freemarket of the season, and the Carp Farmer’s Market opening weekend in order to go roam around Dow’s Lake. It was wonderfully worth it, and I think the rainy and cool weather will help preserve the blooms for another week too:





They’re peonies. No wait, they’re tulips:



Teaching tulip appreciation while she’s young:


I picked up a brochure from a BC bulb seller while I was there. I’m fairly sure I can get my front lawn looking like this by next spring:


Next weekend I’m going to head down to Marion Dewar square to grab some Perogies. I hear the vendors aren’t doing well this year being moved so far away (thanks NCC). I might check out some of the other beds too.

Have you been to the festival yet this year? Do you take part in any of the planned events? Have you shared your pics yet?

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