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Some people will do anything to avoid buying a car

August 20, 2013

About a year ago Bill and I started to look for a new car. I affectionately refered to his car as the smelly death trap and I generously agreed to sacrifice my minivan to him and I’d throw myself on the tracks (or asphalt) so to speak, and drive the new car.

We had a couple of requirements around size and fuel economy and eventually decided on the model we wanted. The car we picked was a hybrid and we decided that since the technology is relatively new, and we’re not that familiar with the resale issues and gotchas with these that we’d go with a new vehicle rather than inherit someone else’s headache.

This was very exciting for us (read me), we’ve owned many clunkers, had received cars for free (no really, at least twice), have even had great deals, but a new car? Never before, and probably never again. Since this may be the only time we would ever own a brand new car, we (read I) decided to go crazy and buy the fully loaded model. Give me those gizmos! Hubby on the other hand, might not be so convinced. I think the idea of a brand new car goes completely against his bargain-hunter nature. But we carried on.

We found a dealer we liked, we found a salesman we liked (not sure he feels the same about us) and then we agreed to a price we (read I) liked. Aaaand then nothing.

And more nothing, and then the model year changed, the features changed, the price may have even changed. Then I threatened and flung ultimatums. And yet, when I looked out my to driveway we still had a minivan and a smelly death trap. Months passed. Friends bought cars, coworkers bought cars. Some friends bought two cars, and still nothing. He tried a couple more evasive maneuvers, like going away on vacation or booking an appointment when I was already busy. Then, finally last Friday he decided Monday was the day.

(cue choir)

But first we had to get through the weekend. There was my MILs birthday Saturday (party hats and cake for everyone!):


Luckily no one was set aflame.

The Lumiere festival Saturday night:


No one lost in the woods, or again set aflame.

And on Sunday we had invited 20 or so of V’s friends over for a ‘just because’ tea party. The prep was a bit frantic, with the bouncy castle:


And chill out tent (V’s term, I swear!):

Chill out zone

And fancy decor:



And finger sandwiches (Fancy Nancy and I are not on speaking terms at the moment):


and in the midst of all this prep, my husband decided to hang himself by his thumb in the garage.

(record scratch)

Can’t visualize it?

Imagine sliding your thumb down this steel and getting it caught in the ‘v’.

Now remove all the skin, and add a break or two:

And you end up with…

A hand you can’t use to sign the contract for a new car. (Plus home care, and two trips to the plastic surgeon and a bunch of pain.) No I won’t post the unwrapped pics, yes I have them, yes they’re gross.

I think he’s being a bit dramatic about the whole not wanting to buy a new car thing.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    August 20, 2013 1:46 pm

    Why did he slide his thumb etc in the first place? Um, am I missing something? And I have gross out photos of a wound on my hand from a dog bite, if you wanna go in that direction…

    • August 20, 2013 1:55 pm

      I stick by my story that it’s all a ploy to avoid buying the car. He however, contends that he was trying to get something down off the shelves we have above the garage door and it sort of got caught as he jumped down. Ugh I can’t even type it without getting grossed out.

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